Ketologie Smoky Beef Collagen Broth

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Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body; providing structure and support to our bones, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and more – but, collagen production starts to slow down after the age of 20 – not good news for most of us! One of the easiest ways to supplement your collagen stores is to drink bone broth. Of course you can make your own at home, but if you are a busy person then this product is perfect for you. 

With zero sugar and zero net carbs, quality bone broth is ideal for fasting or when transitioning to a ketogenic diet.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in humans - the secret to glowing skin, more flexible and pain-free joints, stronger hair and nails, and a well-functioning, happy gut.
• Bone broth provides a non-dairy source of protein, ideal for people who suffer from leaky gut, or suspect they may be dairy or lactose intolerant.
• Collagen is less inflammatory than whey protein and provokes a smaller insulin response, important for people concerned about insulin resistance or who are Type 2 diabetic.
• Ketologie bone broths also deliver a hefty dose of amino acids Glycine and Proline: these anti-inflammatory amino acids are essential for gut health and digestion, and are the building blocks of a powerful immune system and muscle repair/recovery.

Our Smoky Beef Bone Broth combines hydrolyzed collagen, himalayan sea salt and paprika with savory notes of garlic, onion, celery & black pepper to deliver 13g of protein & only 1g of carbs per serving!

When we first transitioned our bodies over to the ketogenic way of eating, one of our “go-to” recipes was delicious, nutritious bone broth made the old-fashioned way – simmering bones for hours on the stove-top, with plenty of garlic, onion, celery and salt thrown in for good measure. But today’s hectic pace of life demands equally good broth that’s convenient and ready to go when you are. We are super-proud to introduce our super-hero styles, gut-busting, collagen-rich powders that simply require hot water and you’re good to go!


1. Add 2 scoops (18g) to a flask or mug.

2. Add hot water to your liking. We recommend 250ml.

3. Stir until mixed thoroughly and enjoy! Optional extras - add your favorite fat eg mct oil, coconut oil, butter, ghee or even bacon fat, yum!!

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