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Team DX Mandala Luopan

The Chinese Feng Shui compass or luopan has been in use for many centuries and has been evolving since then. Traditionally most luopan designs are plain with a wooden grain or bright red design for the external shell giving it a rather drab appearance.

Most masters will design their own version of the luopan for their particular school of Feng Shui studies and hence many students will end up with many different versions of the instrument when they learn from different schools.

Presenting the Team DX Mandala Zonghe Luopan, the most trendy modern looking luopan in the world that is designed for the Feng Shui professional in this digital age.

The design represents the perfect embodiment of Period 9 Feng Shui with a white base that represents the purity of the Earth, a silver base that represents the Heaven energy and a colorful face that represents the strong vitality of Man in the upcoming period as well as the Mandala prosperity cycle.

It is is made using the finest synthetic materials, featuring a large 39mm middle heart which houses a stable compass needle. The rings face made of non magnetic, silver-coated bronze plate boasts 36 concentric rings encompassing more than 39 San He and San Yuan formulas on it.

Engraved with bright colors, it’s designed to help Feng Shui professionals obtain an immediate quick reading showing the 5 elements clearly at a glance. Precision is thus assured.

The included protective carrying bag ensures the luopan’s safe travels as it accompanies you to urban and forest dwellings for your Feng Shui projects. Accentuate your identity and style with the Team DX Mandala Zonghe Luopan today.

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